Ensuring traditional art forms endure and evolve

Traditional Arts

The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts (PSTA), based in London, UK, works to preserve and promote the practice of traditional arts around the globe. Students from around the world come to the school to learn and share these traditional forms and pass them on to others upon their return home.

Prince’s Charities Canada has supported three distinct project-related collaborations with PSTA.

A collaboration with First Nations University

Judy Anderson, Associate Professor of Indian Fine Arts at First Nations University, spent a semester teaching and studying at PSTA.  This was the first time that Canadian Indigenous arts and crafts were included in the PSTA curriculum.  The two institutions are currently working to make student-faculty exchanges permanent.

A community project in the Ahousaht First Nation community in BC

Prince’s School of Traditional Arts worked in partnership with the First Nations Ahousaht community in British Columbia to reintroduce the younger generation to traditional art forms and foster self-esteem and self-confidence.  Workshops with both primary and secondary students focused on geometry and the order of nature to highlight universal connections across cultures and traditions.

Through their interactions with community elders and cultural educators, the PSTA team had the opportunity to learn about the local culture and crafts, which they brought back to students in the U.K.

Support for a post-graduate program at PSTA


“The whole idea, by fostering these connections, is to honour First Nations’ wisdom by promoting intergenerational learning and sharing so that the rich culture and history of this ancient First Nations community endures.”

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

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