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Building a strong, sustainable future

Our strategic plan - putting people and planet first

We are inspired by HM The King's vision and have created a strategy that is uniquely tailored for Canada. Our priorities are focused on preparing young people and members of the military and Veteran community for the transforming world of work, championing sustainable solutions for a green recovery and empowering our people and our partners to strengthen our collaborative efforts.

Download the summary of our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

1. Preparing for the transforming world of work

Young people

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of under and unemployed young people has skyrocketed to the highest rate measured in the last twenty years.  

Young people have been disproportionally affected by job loss, and with ongoing restrictions and slow economic recovery, they face multiple barriers to employment and are being pushed even further behind.

At the same time, the future of work is changing rapidly across the world, and the new realities create requirements for an adaptable workforce focused on sustainable solutions. With a sense of urgency, our programs provide tangible opportunities and supports and are part of the solution for the economic recovery.

Our programs support diverse young people (ages 18 to 30) including Indigenous young people, newcomers, those facing economic disadvantages, and young people affected by mental health challenges. They prepare young people for the future of work through a continuum of programs designed to meet their current and future employment needs.

The military and Veteran community

We owe a great deal to the still-serving members, Reservists, Veterans and military spouses and partners who have sacrificed for our country. 


Members of the military and Veteran community are highly skilled individuals who make significant contributions to the economic and social fabric of their communities, and they deserve to enjoy healthy and productive civilian lives after they return from service. 


74% of the participants in our programs have been medically released. Veterans face higher unemployment, and their incomes drop by as much as to 30% following release. Moreover, physical and psychological injuries may limit the types of work that they can do. 


Entrepreneurship and self-employment can provide flexibility to help accommodate special needs, build new networks of support and ease transition to civilian life. 


Our Operation Entrepreneur program gives members of the military and Veteran community the training, tools and resources they need to build confidence, develop networks and start their own businesses. 

2. Championing sustainable solutions 

Climate change underpins, intersects and interconnects across our work.

We raise awareness about career opportunities for young people in sectors that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enable a more sustainable future, equipping them to engage in meaningful careers that support climate action.   


Through Operation Entrepreneur, we’re helping members of the military and Veteran community build sustainable and future-ready businesses. We are also supporting Veterans to become registered energy advisors through our Veteran Energy Advisor Program (VEAP).

In our own organization, we’re making smart choices to reduce our carbon footprint.

3. We believe in the power of partnership

Bold visions can’t be realized alone. We partner with young people, Veterans and First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities to learn from their experience, and give voice to tomorrow’s leaders.   

Our goal is to build strong partnerships with private and public sector companies to benefit from their experience and create programs that develop the critical employment skills for future-ready businesses.  

We work with community organizations and government across the country to nurture dialogue about the needs of communities and the people within them.  

We leverage the deep knowledge of the academic community to hone best practices and apply them to our programs.  

We are exceptionally fortunate to have the support of provincial Lieutenant Governors and the Governor General of Canada as a community of leaders and influencers.

Prince’s Trust Canada is a national charity and a member of The Prince’s Trust Group – a global network of charities including The Prince’s Trust U.K., Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Prince’s Trust International.

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