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Sustainability Experts Help Local Youth Explore Green Jobs for Global Ismaili CIVIC Day Event

VANCOUVER, TORONTO, September 21, 2023 – Prince’s Trust Canada (PTC), a national charity focused on equity-deserving youth and the Ismaili Community (IC) are partnering to engage youth and the communities of Metro Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area for Global Ismaili CIVIC Day.

Global Ismaili CIVIC Day brings together tens of thousands of volunteers worldwide on September 24th to practice good citizenship. In Vancouver and Toronto, PTC and IC are inviting local young people (aged 16-30) in each region to raise awareness of the career opportunities within Canada’s sustainability sector. 

The information will be delivered by experts in the field including:

  • Jonathan Arnold, Clean Growth Research Lead at the Canadian Climate Institute
  • Bodhi Patil, Founder & CEO, Inner Light
  • Biboye Aganabe, Founder & Principal, Good Being Co.

Following the event, youth participants will join the wider community in a cleanup activity to reduce pollution, protect ecosystems, and reduce their neighborhood’s carbon footprint.


“A recent report by Prince’s Trust Group found that 57% of Canadian youth are interested in a ‘green’ job, but only 30% think those jobs would be easy to find,” said Farah Mohamed, CEO of Prince’s Trust Canada. “Global Ismaili CIVIC Day is the perfect opportunity to bridge the gap and get young people excited about the important roles they could play in helping Canada reach net zero by 2050.”


"It is hard to appreciate the magnitude of the impact climate change has on our world.  This partnership and event between Ismaili CIVIC and Prince's Trust Canada will give us the opportunity to understand how we can all come together to recognize our shared responsibility to build a sustainable future.  Global Ismaili CIVIC Day highlights our commitment towards enhancing the quality of life of all people in the communities in which we live." - Shala Chandani, President, Shia Imami Ismaili Council for British Columbia.


Prince’s Trust Canada 

Prince’s Trust Canada (PTC) is His Majesty King Charles’ flagship charity in Canada. PTC helps build a more sustainable Canada by partnering with employers to help equity-deserving youth and Veterans secure meaningful employment through training and mentorship.

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Ismaili CIVIC

Ismaili CIVIC is a global programme under which the Shia Ismaili Muslim community across the world unite around its centuries-old tradition of serving humanity by rendering voluntary service to improve the quality of life of the communities in which they live, regardless of faith, gender, and background. 


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