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To find a business you can filter by province and/or industry sector. They are also searchable by company name.


The Directory exists to help you grow your personal and professional networks. Listing businesses in the BuyVeteranCA Directory is free and open to all current or former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families.

About BuyVeteranCA

BuyVeteranCA is another way we support Veteran entrepreneurship. BuyVeteranCA is Canada’s premiere online directory dedicated to promoting businesses owned by members of the military and Veteran communities.

The directory is the civilian-facing arm of our work with Veterans. We know Canadians are looking for ways to support and thank our military. When you buy from one of these businesses, you are not only receiving a great product or service, you’re supporting a Veteran in their new life mission.

- Sharon Broughton, CEO of Prince’s Trust Canada

The BuyVeteranCA Directory lists more than 600 businesses and has become the rallying place for the #BuyVeteranCA movement in Canada. To find a business you can filter by province and/or industry sector. You can also search by company name. This makes it easy to find products and services in local communities and online. From bakeries in British Columbia, to home inspectors in Ontario, to B & B’s in Newfoundland, we’re helping Canadians to Buy Veteran.


In addition, the Prince’s Trust Canada’s annual #BuyVeteranCA campaign celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of Canada’s soldiers, sailors, aviators, and the families who stand behind them. Every year during Remembrance Week (November 1st to 11th), the campaign reaches millions of Canadians at home and abroad through radio, print, television and social media advertising.


For Veteran entrepreneurs, having a mentor and continuously making connections is vital, and it’s central to all of our Operation Entrepreneur programs.