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Online Modules

On Demand Entrepreneurship Learning Modules

Refresh your knowledge and expand your skills with Accenture’s Skills to Succeed!

Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur has collaborated with Accenture and Futurpreneur Canada to provide access to a series of six online learning modules focusing on key entrepreneurial concepts to help new entrepreneurs move their businesses forward. These modules can be viewed in any order, at any time, and a certificate earned upon completion.

To access

1. Email with REQUEST FOR LOGIN in the subject line. 

2. Once received use your new login information to access the modules  Skills to Succeed Learning Modules   ( )

Module summaries

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Learn the skills to succeed when you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur! This module includes the different types of businesses that exist, what you need to start your own business, as well as the benefits and risks associated with entrepreneurship. 

Business Financial Planning

Financial planning can be an intimidating and time-consuming undertaking - this module will help you to define terms and understand things like: What is a sales forecast? What is a break even analysis? What is cash flow? How do I read an income statement?

Marketing Channels and Pricing

Can’t decide if you’re charging too much or too little for your product or service? Trying to decide the best way to market and promote your business? Whether you need help with creating a website, or you’re unsure of how to navigate the ever-changing world of social media, this module will present you with tools to be successful when trying to engage with your customers. 

Marketing Your Business

Are you having a difficult time trying to determine what your unique business market is? This module will provide insightful information about the different types of marketing activities as they relate to your business and explain the impact of supply and demand on market prices. 

Price, Profit and Cost

Arguably one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face is determining the value of and calculating the price of their product or service. This module will help you to define direct and indirect costs associated with your business, including labour costs, profits and profit margins, as well as start-up costs that you may encounter. 

Creating Your Business Plan

Every business needs a business plan. Whether you are still in the “idea stage,” or if your business has been operational for some time, you need to know how to best prepare for the future by mapping out the opportunities and challenges that you may face along your entrepreneurial journey. A business plan will provide you with a path for the future and can help minimize risks associated with decision-making.

Protecting Your Business

Taking the right steps to protect your business starts with learning the different types of Intellectual Property that exist, in order to choose the right one that best fits your unique product and/or service. This module will explore the appropriate steps to take when pursuing your options, whether you plan to copyright, trademark, and/or patent an idea or product. 

Running Your Business

Ready to start operating your business? Already operational? This module will provide information about how to choose the best type of workspace for you, as well as provide insight into the types of operational challenges that come with owning your own business such as location, legal issues, insurance, human resources, and production flow.