what you’ll learn

The workshops will help you create a compelling story about your business and the value it will deliver to all your audiences. Here’s what you can expect from the workshop experience:

  • Learn how to talk about your business or business idea in a way that makes people listen
  • Discover tips on tailoring your message to different audiences
  • Understand why talking to competitors or those in the same industry is good for business—especially for military spouses 
  • Practice your new skills on successful entrepreneurs and business experts at a virtual speed networking event
  • Grow your personal and professional network

Here’s how the two-day workshop breaks out: 

Day One

  • Connecting the dots between your business goals and your personal goals and how that enhances your ability to talk about your business
  • Determine your talking points and discover what different audiences need to hear from you and why   

Day Two

  • Polishing your talking points
  • Tips on listening for feedback in a way that helps grow your business
  • Speed networking session. Get ready for fun! During this session you’ll talk about your business or business idea one-on-one with experienced entrepreneurs and business experts who are eager to help move your plans forward. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get feedback and insights in a fast-paced, fun environment. 
  • Wrap up and next steps – time to get growing!

Operation Entrepreneur's Let’s Get Talking About Your Business is a two-part virtual workshop series for military spouses who want to increase their confidence talking about their business or business idea. Whether in the idea stage, pre-operational stage, or you're already running a business, this series will move your business forward.   


We’re working on new programs right now, please check back soon for more information!