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Sherry Lachine, founder of Broadmind Inc, is Bringing Mental Health Training to Prince's Trust Canada

Sherry Lachine, founder of Broadmind, is elevating the importance of mental health education in communities and workplaces with practical, evidence-based mental health training modules. By working with The Canadian Mental Health Association, Sherry educates people and businesses about mental health and is bringing her expertise in Mental Health First Aid training to the participants of Prince’s Trust Canada’s Operation Entrepreneur program. 

“Now more than ever, these are the skills everyone needs. Mental health is a collective effort, which is why Broadmind does group-based mental health training modules. It creates communities for people to support themselves and others,” explains Sherry. As a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran and a Mental Health Professional (with an MSc in Mental Health and Psychology), Sherry offers a unique set of experiences and skills to the mental health training she delivers to military communities.

Starting May 16, 2022, Prince’s Trust Canada’s Veteran program will offer Mental Health First Aid Training to participants at no cost through BroadMind Inc. Delivered virtually, this MHFA course is a certification program that helps participants assist people who are experiencing mental health challenges. “People who take this course are more confident in recognizing signs and symptoms of when someone is in a decline in their mental well-being; they are more willing to engage rather than avoid difficult conversations, and people feel a boost in their own overall well-being,” says Sherry.  

Participants can expect 10 hours of interactive training altogether, delivered through three modules created by The Mental Health Commission of Canada. “When it comes to the Veteran community, early intervention is key. It’s so important to help so challenges or problems don’t become worse. The services out there are sometimes hard to connect with. That’s why we need these moments in workplaces and communities where people are paying attention and know what to do to support others,” says Sherry.  

With Sherry from Broadmind Inc, Prince’s Trust Canada is supporting Veterans and the military community with Mental Health First Aid Training to help foster a culture of wellness and connection.