Elevating the Craft of Mentorship workshop

We are very pleased to be partnering with MindFrame Connect a non profit focusing on creating more resilient entrepreneurs and improving the craft of mentorship. This workshop will be facilitated by the co-founder of MindFrame ConnectBrice Scheschuk. Brice will take you through the key principles of being a effective mentor. 

By participating in MindFrame Connect's workshops, participants have the unique opportunity to be some of the first in Canada to test and pilot MindFrame Connect’s offerings; providing valuable feedback that will help build future programming. 


Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

1:00 PM- 2:00 PM EST


About The Presenter

Brice  Scheschuk is a Canadian CPA, CA with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Finance degree. Entrepreneur, operator, investor, senior Canadian telecom and technology finance leader. Brice is best known as a co-founder of WIND Mobile and now is Managing Partner, Globalive Capital. He is also a Veteran, having served as Maritime Surface Navigating Officer in the Canadian Naval Reserve and (last but not least) is himself an Operation Entrepreneur mentor. 

About The Workshop

Principles of Mentorship: This workshop will take participants through the key principles of being a mentor with practical frameworks and real-life examples on how to make the relationship more effective. Ideal participants are: new and experienced mentors.

About MindFrame Connect

MindFrame Connect is a not-for-profit created in partnership by Dalhousie University, Ryerson University, I-INC, Globalive, and Davis Pier. Funded through FSC, MindFrame Connect shares lessons from leading experts, entrepreneurs, and mentors in workshops, how-to videos, masterclasses, literature pieces, podcasts, and learning aids. All content is designed to provide practical learnings on two streams of programming – improving the craft of mentorship and creating more resilient, high-performing entrepreneurs. MindFrame Connect works with accelerators, hubs, and academic institutions to provide training complementary to their current program offerings and catered to the needs of their entrepreneurs and mentors. All offerings are vetted by a team of entrepreneurs, mentors, and academics and offered at no cost to the user with the end goal of upskilling Canadian entrepreneurs and mentors. 

Learn more at mindframeconnect.com.

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