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BuyVeteran Instructons

The registration form allows the user to create a new Business and User.


Once submitted the following takes place in the system:


  • The Forms app will capture all data and send an email informing of a newly added business.
  • The new business is added to the PTC_Business custom table with a unique generated BusinessID.
  • This business is disabled and requires enabling manually.
  • A new user is created in the Users app with its custom field BusinessID set to the ID of the new Business above.
  • The user will be disabled by default and requires enabling manually.
  • The business image will be uploaded to the Media Library.


Once a user is enabled, they can then log in and edit or delete their businesses in the dashboard.

The same Business ID can be assigned to many businesses.  This allows a user to own and edit multiple businesses.

One a Business is enabled, it will appear in the Business Map and Directory - just search for it by name